Nivea Lip Butter.

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I am a sucker for lip balms and lip butters and I can’t resist picking them up in my local drugstore. I literally cannot walk past them and I honestly believe that you can never have too many lip balms. They are an integral part of my everyday lip care routine along with lip scrubs and a good lip primer. They are particularly handy for this time of year when lips are prone to chapping. I need them constantly thanks to the lovely air conditioning in work that dries my lips like you wouldn’t believe. I have everything from Vaseline to Carmex to Dr. Lipp to Zam-Buk. I am obsessed. Now, these Nivea Lip Butters, I adore and they smell divine. I bought Caramel Cream and Raspberry Rosé. I did want Vanilla and Macadamia but sadly, it was sold out (like most things I like in Boots).

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Caramel Cream.
RRP: £2.25
I love anything that tastes and smells like caramel and this is absolutely gorgeous. It smells good enough to eat.

20130915-092916 PM.jpg
Raspberry Rosé.
RRP: £2.25.
Similarly to the Caramel Cream, this also tastes good enough to eat. It smells delicious – fruity and fresh. It has a nice pale pink sheen to the butter.

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Nivea Lip Butter should be applied sparingly as a little really goes a long way. I found that too much product can cause a white layer over your lips which isn’t ideal. The product feels extremely buttery so the lip butter label is perfect and it is super hydrating. It does contain petroleum jelly but it isn’t as greasy as a more petroleum jelly based product like Vaseline. I know a lot of people have serious qualms about lip balms that come in tins as they can be unhygienic. I’m not one of those people as I am the only person to use my lip balms and I do not like to share. You don’t know where other people’s hands have been, right? I like to apply lip balm before bed so that the lip balm works its magic overnight and I wake up with soft, smooth lips. Obviously, I reapply throughout the day.

Buy Nivea Lip Butter via Boots

Do you use Nivea Lip Butter? Which is your favourite of the four from Nivea? What is your favourite lip balm/lip butter to use? How often do you use lip balms?

Love Erin. ELH. X

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